Mickey's Choo Choo
Season N/A, Episode N/A
[[File:Mickey's Choo Choo opening card|250px]]
Air date October 1 1929
Written by Walt Disney
Directed by Walt Disney
Episode guide
El Terrible Toreador
The Jazz Fool

Mickey's Choo Choo is a 1929 animated cartoon with the tenth appearances of Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse and Clarrable Cow.

Plot summaryEdit

Mickey is a railroad engineer with an antropomorphic locomotive. He feeds the train (coal) then feeds his dog then makes lunch for himself. Minnie drops by and plays a tune on her fiddle while Mickey dances. After lunch the train has trouble climbing a hill and the last car with Minnie aboard detatches and runs away.

Mickey Mouse - Mickey's Choo Choo 1929 HD (colorized)06:36

Mickey Mouse - Mickey's Choo Choo 1929 HD (colorized)

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